With 33 years of industrial relations experience, Andrew is well skilled in:

=> Strategic planning, policy formation and operationalisation;
=> Conflict resolution and mediation;
=> Workplace investigations and reviews;
=> Enterprise based bargaining;
=> Drafting of Enterprise and Employment Agreements and Contracts;
=> Dispute processes, negotiation and representation;
=> Management coaching and mentoring;
=> Termination and rights under unfair and unlawful dismissal laws;
=> Interpretation of industrial laws, awards and agreements; and
=> Negotiation of redundancy and redeployment.

For the past several years, Andrew has also been sitting as a Resident Magistrate, on the Fijian Employment Relations Tribunal, where he deals in a variety of matters relating to employee relations, workers compensation and health and safety. Andrew is happy to engage and undertake any phase of the industrial relations activity, from planning to translation.

He has extensive experience working in the Federal and State industrial relations systems and has appeared in major cases within these jurisdictions. Andrew spends a lot of time providing 'hands on' industrial relations services, including facilitating enterprise bargaining. He is also actively involved in workplace relations management training, to assist  HR units and line managers.  He is keen to participate in short assignments  to assist where there is a skills shortage or special demand for extra insourcing services.       


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