(Brisbane 1980)

The Little Alberts was a Brisbane Punk band originally formed together in 1980, by Andrew Spencer (Rhythm) , Jim Muir (Vocals) , Andrew Gunn (Bass) and Steve Bishop (Drums) and Allanah McFadzean (Keyboards).

After a brief period McFadzean dropped out and Andrew See was invited to trial out and play electric piano and he became the fifth member of the group. Mark Waller also came in and out of the group on several occasions.

As a 5 piece band, The Little Alberts put together a distinctive set, that included covers from The Stranglers (Hanging Around); The Undertones (Teenage Kicks) , The Cure (Fire in Cairo) , The Sex Pistols [Pretty Vacant and Submission] and The Buzzcocks (Orgasm Addict and Fiction Romance) .
Andrew Gunn and Andrew Spencer developed some original songs including the much loved tribute to Vic Morrow in Combat and People in the News.

The band played some memorable gigs including Caxton Street (Baroona) Hall, several Tripple Zed Joint Efforts at Qld Uni, the National Hotel, Coorparoo Aussie Rules Club, as well as various parties and functions.

The band members met at many venues to relax and observe other musicians of the time (The End, 31st, the Johnnies, to name a few). Clubs and drinking spots like the Silver Dollar, the 279 Club, the Majestic and Brisbane Hotels, Pipps and the Queens Hotel. were all popular venues.

After less than 18 months the band split, with Spencer joining with Mark Waller and Margaret McAllister to form a mod influenced band Neat Neat Neat.
and now.......................

Jim Muir is a Dermatologist working in Carina, Brisbane. He is Visiting Dermatologist Mater Hospital, South Brisbane and Dermatologist for 'Tele-Derm' , an on line dermatology consultation and educational service provided by The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, The Queensland Divisions of General Practice and the Federal Department of Health; Jim is also Chairperson of the Brisbane Hospitals Dermatology Group.

Andrew Spencer is the Head of Malignant Haematology and Stem Cell Transplantation and also leads the Myeloma Research Group, at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne.

Andrew Gunn is a general practitioner / family physician who, among other things, works at Inala Primary Care, Brisbane Youth Service and the University of Queensland Health Service, edits New Doctor and gplink, and is National and Queensland Treasurer of the Doctors Reform Society.

Steve Bishop commenced practising dentistry and later found passion as a stilt walker, comedian, ventriloquist, magician, mime artist, escapologist, movie stunt double, juggler, drummer, didgeridoo player and master of the music saw (Courier Mail October 14 2006). He has travelled and trained with the Cirque du Soleil.

Allanah McFadzean is presently working as the Venue Manager of the Old Queensland Museum and currently manages Brisbane Band, Bang Bang Boss Kelly.
Andrew See is now a Brisbane based lawyer.