Andrew See has a passion for music and sport - particularly rugby. In 2010, Andrew established a new Australian record label and music production business to support the international music career for an Australian R&B/hip hop artist. In 2011, Andrew established his own music publishing venture, Music Production House Australia, that works in a variety of music production and broader entertainment industry ventures. He has been responsible for strategy, planning, negotiating and publishing the musical composition and sound recording works and for negotiating royalty and licensing arrangements in Australia, UK, USA and Europe. He has advised artists, composers and playwrights in Australasia, the Pacific and the United States. 






Andrew has represented professional sports persons, coaches and managers involved in contract disputes.  He has also been engaged in representation under the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program - overseen by the Professional Tennis Intergrity Officers as constituted by the ATP Tour Inc, the Grand Slam Board, the International Tennis Federation and the WTA Tour Inc.