Dr Andrew J See has worked in employment and industrial relations since 1982 and from that time his internal and external clients have been drawn from all major industry groups within both the public and private sectors. 

Andrew is known for his capacity to provide free thinking and independent advice. He is practical, persistent and driven by a desire to ensure his clients achieve value for money and the results they are after. He has a particular interest in developing effective strategies to resolve people Conflict at Work and has undertaken extensive consultancies in this area, providing mediation and advisory services.  

During his work as an industrial relations practitioner, Andrew has been an advocate in major National and State industrial relations proceedings and has been invited to speak at a wide range of industry forums, particularly in relation to industrial relations and workplace health and safety. Between 2011 and 2020, Andrew was a Resident Magistrate sitting on the Fiji Employment Relations Tribunal; the Fiji Tax Tribunal;  the Customs Act Court of Review and the Judicial Services Commission Disciplinary Tribunal (Non Judicial Staff). In 2018, Andrew was a participant at the International Labour Standards Academy, held at the ILO's International Training Centre, Turin, Italy.  


Professional background

Andrew holds an Associate Diploma in Industrial Relations (Brisbane College of Advanced Education); a Bachelor of Laws (Queensland University of Technology); a Graduate Diploma of Business (Queensland University of Technology); a Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in Economics) (University of Queensland); a Masters Degree in Business Administration (University of Southern Queensland) and a PhD (Griffith University), where his thesis analysed workplace conflict and the conduct of parties in the Australian statutory unfair dismissal regime.


Illustrative Litigation Experience   

Queensland Industrial Court

Quill v CSR Limited [2004] QIC 20; 175 QGIG 1124 (19 March 2004) [2004] QIC 20;

Queensland Industrial Relations Commission

Phipps v Travel Insurance Australia Pty Ltd [2006] QIRComm 107; 183 QGIG 769 (29 September 2006)

Slavica Lake AND Q-COMP (WC/2011/25) (7 January 2013) [2013] QIRComm 1

Australian Industrial Relations Commission   

Gary Broad v Pacific Coal Pty Ltd - PR938460 [2003] AIRC 1345; (30 October 2003) PR938460 

Fair Work Australia

Grigonis v Adelaide Coffee Company Pty Ltd [2011] FWA 1586 (29 March 2011) [2011] FWA 1586

Starkie v Barambah Organics Pty Ltd [2012] FWA 1232 (1 March 2012) [2012] FWA 1232

Fair Work Commission

Lambert v Jetscape Travel Pty Ltd [2013] FWC 9246 (18 December 2013) [2013] FWC 9246


Leung v ALH Group Ltd [2013] FWC 7081 (19 September 2013) [2013] FWC 7081


Mr Steve Slemint v Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group Pty Limited T/A Chardons Hotel [2019] FWC 45

Ms Kellie Smith v Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group Pty Limited [2020] FWC 2347 (8 May 2020)

Queensland Anti Discrimination Tribunal

Irvine and Porter v Mermaids Café and Bar Pty Ltd and Ingall (No 2) [2010] QCAT 482

Queensland District Court

Chmiel & Anor v Alcohol and  Drug  Foundation – Queensland [2010] QDC 497

Queensland Supreme Court

Edwards v. North Goonyella Coal Mines Pty Ltd [2005] QSC 242 (1 September 2005) [2005] QSC 242; 57 AILR 300-092