Conflict between individuals at work remains one of the most significant challenges to employers seeking to build effective employee relations and ensuring high performance and productivity of a business. This conflict can take place between managers and employees, or co-workers. Conflict can arise as a result of organisational issues, such as change, policy or general management conduct, or it can also take place as a direct consequence of personal communication, difference of personal style or differences of view between individuals who come together at a workplace.

Too often, individual conflict remains unresolved, often resulting in an escalation of dysfunctional behaviour, possible litigation and enormous down time and financial and emotional expense.

Leaders and employees need to ensure that they have the appropriate level of practical skills and understanding to address workplace conflict. On occasions, this will take the form of formal education and training and on other occasions, there will be a need to develop intervention strategies that are designed to reconcile differences, to open lines of communication and to create functional and positive environments with all parties operating in line with accepted codes of behaviour.


Andrew has developed formal training processes that are designed to assist companies and their employees deal with workplace conflict, in realistic ways. He is  available to assist in the development of mediation processes that are geared to creating positive outcomes for stakeholders, where there is a need for third party intervention. He is also available to provide private arbitration on workplace matters. As a former Employment Tribunal magistrate, he has extensive experience in this field.