Andrew See is available to work collaboratively with government bodies, corporations, trade union organisations and training providers, in designing and delivering training on all aspects of legal compliance and people management.


In 2024, Andrew, in conjunction with Catherine See from Gravitas Leadership Group and Mosese Uluicicia, a HR Specialist and Psychologist in clinical practice, bring together a range of workplace programs aimed at Building Resilience & Sustainability in a Post -Pandemic Talent Marketplace.

 Andrew is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) and undertakes various sessional academic work in industrial relations, business management and employment law.







Current workshops include:

All workshops and training programs can be tailor-made to meet specific budget and learning objectives. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.





Papers and presentations 


See.A.J., Unfair dismissal applications - Conciliation or Arbitration - What Gives, A presentation to the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland, Lunch Seminar, 30 November 2022.  

See. A.J., Barry. M & Peetz. D., The Australian Unfair Dismissal Regime: Exploring How Applications for Unfair Dismissal Remedy Resolve, (2022) 35 AJLL 27.


See. A.J., Working from home: controlling the workplace and defining the risk. A paper presented to the International Bar Association and Fiji Law Society Conference, Nadi, Fiji, January 2021.  


See. A.J., Exploring why unfair dismissal remedy applications resolve at the various stage of conciliation and arbitration. A paper presented to the 34th Annual Association of Industrial Relations Academics Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ) Conference, Queenstown, New Zealand, 12 February 2020.


See. A.J., Occupational Health and Safety: Good Governance and Lessons Learnt. A paper presented to the TOPEX Conference, Fiji Employers Federation, Denarau, Fiji, 2018. 

See. A.J.The Law of Employment: An analysis of summary dismissal law in Fiji. A paper presented to the Civil Division Judicial Officers Workshop, Warwick Hotel, Korolevu, Fiji, March 2018. 


See. A.J., Learning to see through mirrors: Practical ways for overcoming workplace bias. A paper presented to the Fiji Human Resource Institute National ConventionDenarau, Fiji, 2014.

See. A.J., You don't need to do that: A legal perspective on the importance of job analysis and functional capacity evaluations. A paper presented at the 3rd Job Fit Systems International Conference (Old Challenges New Perspectives), Hobart, 3-5 April 2014.


See. A.J., Resolving conflict at work. A presentation to the Fiji Human Resource Institute Convention, Warwick Fiji Resort and Spa, Korolevu, Fiji, 2013.


See. A.J., Employment grievances and disputes: The role of the Employment Relations Tribunal and the Employment Relations Promulgation 2007. (August 2012). 


See. A.J., Communicating SafetySimple ways to avoid workplace health and safety accidents (March 2007). 

See. A.J., The health and safety of getting old in the mining industry. A paper prepared for the Queensland Mining Industry. 


Dean. C. & See. A.J., You're stressing me out. A presentation to the Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference, Townsville, 6- 9 August 2006.

See. A.J., Workplace stress: The new industrial battleground, (June 2006).


See. A.J., Legislation, litigation and liability. A paper presented to the Australasian Coal Mine Operators Conference 'Coal 2005', Brisbane, Queensland, 26-28 April 2005.

See. A.J., The Ageing Workforce. A paper presented to the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland, 2005. 


See. A.J., The health and safety of the ageing worker. A paper presented to the 12th Annual Safety Institute of Australia (Queensland Branch) Conference, 2004. 

See. A.J., The Age of Employment. A paper presented to the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland Convention, November 2004. 


See. A.J., Examining the legal implications of being fit for work. A paper originally presented at the Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference, Townsville, 2003.  


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